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Posted on 19-Apr-2019

Artist Bindhi Rajagopal Kerala India #bindhirajagopal #painting
#Flourence #biennale

Posted on 31-Mar-2019

3feet by 4 feet
acrylic on canvas
Artist Bindhi Rajagopal Kerala India #bindhirajagopal
year of excution 2018


a year ago
- Vinod V
4 months ago
- expectczarcasm .
4 years ago
- rajgopal k

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Exploration in Art   My life has been a journey of exploration identifying and experiencing the energies that are present in and around us. Painting arts withlove, dedication and passion have been my tools for becoming aware and expressing these energies and now I am in a position to comment on my process. I experience life as a spectrum of energy from essence through to the visible and tangible world of things, people and culture. As a painter, I allow my creative side to have free rein to express this life energy as I am living it in the moments, whether I paint forms or non-objective abstraction is a matter left to my creative impulse.  Ring of Constellations, Transformation Buddha, Branchless Nest, Black Forest are some of the works which was satisfying to my mind. If I am painting outdoors in nature, I will likely paint the landscape, but I will also be expressing how I feel in that landscape. In this way, both the outer forms I see and my awareness of my inner experience of feelings and intuitions influence the painting. I am careful not to overload my experience with inner dialogue, as that would shift me out of the creative meditative zone. When I am working in my studio, I usually start from nothing in mind, which allows me to enter into the present moment from that place of infinite potential. I allow the painting to reveal itself, as I am swept along in the creative flow; in this way I am able to experience life energy. My approach to painting has been shaped by my experience of thirty years with art starting from the childhood. Every situation I encounter is affected by the awareness I choose to bring to it for example, the thought might arise in me that I want the painting to look exciting, desirable and message conveying. Such a thought would be a distraction from the direct experience of painting and would diminish the expression. I let go of the thoughts and allow the creative flow to guide me. As I look at the outer world, I see what appears to be a solid reality. In my body I connect what I see back to essence via my feelings and make the shift form something very dense to something very energetic and alive. Inside I tap into energetic being and make the conversion between the relative world and the absolute; I bring the gap and paint. Later in 2010, my interest in art was to explore in architectural space with light and shadows. My first installation art was “shadows speak for you” which was done with light and shadow in a dark room. Another installation was “I want to fly like a bird”-2014 reflecting on my educational experiences, I appreciate the immeasurable impact that teachers make on the lives of young people. I also realise that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom, will be used by young people throughout life. Therefore, as a professor, I hope to be a role model that cultivates in young people, open mind, the knowledge and the ability to look at the world critically, and the belief in ones capacity to make positive contribution to society.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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